Road Safety

Brexit bombshell

Brexit is having a direct negative effect on road safety. This is the conclusion of prominent road safety figure David…


Slowing British car industry

UK car production fell by 20.1% in January, the worst start to a year since 2009. Just 68,790 units have…

Legislation & Regulation

New licences and number plates

Marking the first anniversary of Brexit, the government is changing driving licences and number plate designs. The EU flag has…


Petrol crisis drains driving instructors

The fuel supply ‘crisis’ rumbles on despite  the government suggesting everything is going back to normal. It comes on top…

Road Safety

Driver shortages fuel garage closures

A “handful” of BP petrol stations have been closed due to driver shortages impacting the delivery of fuel. However, the oil…


Driving in Europe after Brexit: what to look out for!

With Brexit just weeks away, Brits who are planning to drive abroad have been warned to check they are compliant with the EU rules of the road.

Protection for flights and road transport after Brexit reaffirmed

UK and EU propose extension to air and road measures for Brexit, meaning consumers and hauliers should continue to book, travel and trade…

Legislation & Regulation

Clean air campaign: Earn money by informing on idling cars

It has recently been reported that Bright Blue, a right wing think tank, wants to introduce a scheme by which…


UK car production sees double digit decline in February

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have released new statistics highlighting that British car manufacturing declined -15.3% in February, with…

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