Legislation & Regulation

Uninsured driver hotspots in England and Wales revealed

Across all regions in England and Wales, the report reveals that West Yorkshire had the highest number of uninsured drivers per 1,000 people in 2019

69% of over 55s bought car outright

A quarter of UK drivers change car every 2 – 4 years, rising to 42% in North East England

Savvy consumers save over £7k on a new car by choosing leasing over PCP finance during lockdown?

LeaseLoco used data on the site’s most popular cars since 1st April as well as the UK’s top selling cars and compared these to the best value PCP cars.
Road Safety

Obscured road signs: What to do and how to reduce risk

Breakdown and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging drivers to report any road signs hidden by trees or bushes.

Green vehicles cheaper than petrol

Research shows that over the lifetime of a car electric vehicles work out at around £107 cheaper per year than petrol or diesel equivalents

AA Driving School adds hybrid tuition vehicle to fleet

The AA Driving School is expanding its fleet to include a mild hybrid option for the first time, as part of a new franchise package for driving instructors.
Technology & Innovation

Drivers can clean up their act thanks to new Highways England funnel bins

Drivers don’t even need to get out of their vehicles to get rid of their litter responsibly now after getting a little help from Highways England.

Over a quarter of drivers don’t consider depriciation when they’re buying a car

Over a quarter (28%) of UK drivers do not consider depreciation when they are buying a car, despite having a full understanding of it, and one in five (20%) think that all cars depreciate at the same rate (men 16% and women 23%). Younger drivers under 35s (34%) are also twice as likely to think that all cars depreciate at the same rate as over 55s (14%).

Mandatory MOT testing to be reintroduced from 1 August

Mandatory MOT tests for car, motorcycle and van owners in England, Scotland and Wales to be reintroduced to keep roads safe