Vehicle-related thefts increase by 10% during longer nights

Four-fifths of vehicle-related thefts happen during hours of darkness

Car theft chaos: Nearly six million drivers have no car security measures

With an estimated 35 million cars on Britain’s roads, this could mean that nearly five million vehicles are at high risk of theft

Revealed: UK Drivers Saved Over £1 Billion on Fuel During Lockdown

43% of participants have said that lockdown has made them want to commute less, and majority want to use their time and fuel driving to ‘staycations’.

The road to electric – Research shows fewer than one in twelve drivers have current plan to switch to battery power

With the government this week expected to announce a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, research by Kwik Fit clearly shows the areas the government and industry must work on over the coming decade to convince UK motorists to make the switch.

A third of drivers would challenge a thief taking their car

Over one in three (35%) UK drivers would challenge a thief trying to take their car (men 43% and women 27%).

Lockdown vehicle safety warning for drivers

Motorists have been warned to ensure their cars and vans stay roadworthy after a lengthy period of non-use

Tank of mum and dad – Parents spend up to £750 a year to help keep their children on the road

Over 60% of 17-24-year-old drivers have received financial support from their parents to help them run their car over the last twelve months – up from 49% before the pandemic

Most vegan-friendly cars revealed in new index

The best leather-free and low emissions vehicles for reducing your impact on the living planet

Over 1 in 4 UK drivers under 55 spend as much or more on car finance payments each month as housing costs

Half of drivers do not worry about the total cost of a car when paying monthly finance payments knowing they will upgrade the car at the end