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Would it be better to buy or lease a car?

Take a look at the following considerations when deciding which car is going to work best for your business.

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AA Driving School shakes up fleet with large expansion of vehicles available

The AA is significantly expanding its driving school tuition fleet to include multiple manufacturers, models and engine types. 15 new…


Rebuilding local community

A new survey backs calls for better planning of local amenities to cut down the need for motorised transport. As…

Technology & Innovation

Lighting up the future

New lighting technology could prove a real life saver and prevent distraction An estimated 40% of collisions happen during the…


Car ownership unaffordable

New research finds that 78% of people believe car ownership is becoming unaffordable. The work by bad credit car finance…


A map of car dependency in the UK

The first lockdown was expected to reduce our reliance on cars and commuting. Our view of a healthier, better work…


Vehicle-related thefts increase by 10% during longer nights

Four-fifths of vehicle-related thefts happen during hours of darkness

Car theft chaos: Nearly six million drivers have no car security measures

With an estimated 35 million cars on Britain’s roads, this could mean that nearly five million vehicles are at high risk of theft

Revealed: UK Drivers Saved Over £1 Billion on Fuel During Lockdown

43% of participants have said that lockdown has made them want to commute less, and majority want to use their time and fuel driving to ‘staycations’.

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