Department for Transport

Road Safety

Older drivers could face compulsory eye tests

In the recently published Road Safety Action Plan, which sets out 74 actions the Government is considering to reduce road deaths,…

Government Investment

Department for Transport to embrace artificial intelligence technology

Department for Transport (DfT) announces a national examination of road markings to help improve road safety Assessment will give an…

Road Safety

Road safety action plan announced to cut road deaths

Government sets out a major package of measures to reduce the number of people killed and injured on roads Action…

Road Safety

Graduated licencing needs to be taken seriously, says leading insurer

Drivers under 25 have a claim rate that  is 27% higher than older drivers Graduated licencing would place some restrictions…

Road Safety

Roads policing review to improve safety

government will review roads policing as part of Road Safety Action Plan review will highlight best practice and identify gaps in…

Legislation & Regulation

Electric taxis exempt from higher tax rates as UK moves towards net zero

new legislation will exempt zero-emission capable taxis from higher vehicle excise duty, encouraging more drivers to purchase them increased use…

Government Investment

Are British roads getting worse? Councils struggle to fund £10 billion pothole plague

The cost of a one-time catch-up to deal with this huge road maintenance backlog has been valued at a staggering £9.8 billion…

Government Investment

New requirements for electric chargepoints as country moves towards net zero

from 1 July 2019, all government-funded chargepoints must use innovative ‘smart’ technology which could keep costs down for consumers new…

Government Investment

£6.8 million boost to help thousands more rail commuters travel by bike

Passengers at 48 stations will benefit from 2,300 extra cycle spaces, making it easier to commute by bike New investment…

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