Teaching & Training

Cycle savvy ADIs

The Department for Transport is looking for 4,000 approved driving instructors to take part in a brand new study. Sign up…

Road Safety

Smart motorways stopped

Smart motorway building halted by DfT. The government as put the project on hold until additional safety measures are in…

Teaching & Training

COVID cancels new young drivers

The number of young people qualified to get behind the wheel has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded. With…

Technology & Innovation

In-car speeding reduction help

Technology which can read road signs could save drivers £327 million in speeding fines according to new research by SEAT.…

Road Safety

Urban speeding commonplace

More than half of Britain’s drivers routinely broke the speed limit in built-up areas in 2020. This disappointing reality comes…

Legislation & Regulation

Leftfield advice for motorway users

Highways England has launched a new campaign advising drivers to ‘go left’ if they break down on the motorway. The…

Teaching & Training

More examiners, more test centres

The National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) had its latest meeting with the DVSA. The discussions focussed mainly on the recovery…

Government Investment

Less cash, more potholes

Data obtained by Cycling UK shows 58% of local authorities in Great Britain have less budget for road maintenance than…


Greener petrol coming

The liquid that comes out of your local petrol pump is changing. From September this year, E10 petrol will be…