Prices pumped up

Diesel pump prices are 20p per litre more than for petrol. However, according to the RAC, there is little difference…


Fuel prices likely to rise again

A gradual reduction in petrol and diesel prices since October has come to an end. The warning comes from RAC…


Dark futures

The ban on Russian diesel begins in February. This is leading to European traders rushing to bring in supplies before…


Diesel dilemnas

Drivers were hit with a 10p per litre (ppl) hike in diesel during October. This is the third biggest monthly…


Driving into diesel doom

Britain, alongside the rest of Europe, could be heading for a diesel crash. That is according to new analysis by…


Searching for the 5p price cut

The government is investigating the price of fuel in the UK. It comes after  Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, questioned whether…


Diesel hit new highs

The average price of a litre of diesel has hit a new record high of 180.29p per litre (ppl) due…


Conflicting price of fuel

The average price of both petrol and diesel climbs to new records, again. However, a note of good news is…


Diesel prices pumped up

The average price of diesel across the UK hit a new record high of 147.94p a litre on Sunday (October…

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