Road Safety

Getting there

Where would the modern motorist be without the sat nav? It’s a question I know I have asked myself when…

Road Safety

Wasps and other insects could have an extra sting in their tales

Wasps, Bees and other insects could cost drivers their licence. That’s the warning as the hot summer months bring the…

Road Safety

Crosstown traffic

Motorists who listen to music while driving could be disrupting the harmony on Britain’s roads, according to latest research. A…


Then there was sound

Nearly 100 years ago, a technology trial by a leading German car maker and a British telecommunications firm sowed the…


Kids, coffee, music and the driver

As a driver, having quick reaction times is essential. However, there are many external factors that can impact a driver’s…

Road Safety

Potholes an increasing road safety issue

Potholes are increasingly a window of concern for motorists. Dilapidated road surfaces are an increasing nuisance and danger, significantly more…


Mind Over Matter

Mindfulness can be a brilliant ingredient in the recipe for safer drivers. So believes ADI Sandra Harper, especially when it…

Technology & Innovation

Infotainment systems can be more distracting than mobile phones or even some drugs!

Could the latest connectivity technology be putting our safety at risk?

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