One in eight British drivers can’t identify their vehicle’s fuel warning light

The electronic throttle control light confused motorists the most, with four fifths (82%) unable to recognise it
Road Safety

Parents and disabled drivers blocked out by thoughtless parking

7.8 million parents and two million Blue Badge holders have been blocked from parking in designated bays by motorists that didn’t qualify to park there in the past year
Road Safety

Are the latest vehicle infotainment systems reducing road safety more than cannabis or alcohol?

– New study finds in-vehicle infotainment systems are impacting significantly on driving performance – Stopping distances, lane control and response…


Twice as many drivers plan to ‘go electric’ next time round

Research conducted for the RAC Report on Motoring* shows the number of drivers who say they will choose an electric car…


Black box car insurance ‘pushes up prices for over-30s’

Telematics policies offer young drivers huge savings but tables are turned for older drivers
Legislation & Regulation

Two-thirds of Drivers think new legislation is needed to deal with growth in cyclists

76% of drivers think cyclists ride too dangerously 85% think helmets should be a legal requirement 68% WANT PUSH BIKES…


No love lost in the battle of the sexes behind the wheel

Two thirds of men believe their driving skills are better than their partner’s One in six men would trust an…