Fund Raising

Seeing what success brings

Speed of Sight is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The charity all started with one man – the record breaker Mike…


The wind in your hair

Singing like you’re a star, heart-to-hearts with friends and family, or just the open road. The freedom that driving brings…

Road Safety

Top driving anxieties

There is light at the end of the tunnel that is lockdown with Boris Johnson announcing his roadmap. Gradually the…


UK Drivers reveal their favourite festive journeys

Ever wondered what the nation’s favourite Christmas journeys’ are? Well wonder no more because JET, one of the UK’s leading fuel brands, has conducted new research that reveals the top ten trips we love to make over the festive period.

Driving in Europe after Brexit: what to look out for!

With Brexit just weeks away, Brits who are planning to drive abroad have been warned to check they are compliant with the EU rules of the road.
Fund Raising

Driving School Development aims to raise £50,000 for Speed Of Sight Charity!

Have you ever read something or met someone and immediately felt an affinity, a sense of belonging, a synergy?

New study reveals over two-thirds of non-driving Brits regret never learning to drive, but 40% say they’ll never take lessons

A new study by comparethemarket.com reveals the main reasons why some of the nation hasn’t learnt to drive

One in three have written off a car

Drivers in East of England (37%) are more likely than any other UK region to have written a car off, followed by Northern Ireland (33%) and the North West (32%).
Road Safety

New study reveals how driver’s reaction times are impacted in adverse weather conditions – you might be surprised

Comparethemarket.com study reveals thick fog impacts average driver’s reaction times by a huge 75%, while snow impacts reaction times by 34%