Road Safety

Vehicle defects cause 32 fatal crashes a year

Motoring experts from LeaseVan.co.uk have reminded drivers just how many crashes in Britain can be attributed to faulty cars or vans…


DIY distracting male drivers from the road ahead

DIY only thing, besides driving, male drivers think about more than female drivers Millennials most distracted by their own thoughts…


The most frustrating places to drive

Research from Moneybarn has revealed the most frustrating places to drive in England. The data has been collected in four…

Road Safety

A quarter of Millennials admit using social media when behind the wheel

Despite the threat of six penalty points on their licence, being a danger to everyone else on the road and…


Routes to avoid this Easter

Motoring specialists LeaseCar.uk have predicted the most congested routes in the UK over the 4-day weekend. With warm weather predicted…

Teaching & Training

National study reveals that overprotective parents might be making their child’s driving worse

Leasing Options conducted an independent survey of 1,000 people across the UK to find out how parents really feel about…

Legislation & Regulation

Drivers Demand ‘E’ Plates and Test Retakes at 75

Research carried out since Prince Philip’s high-profile crash shows people are increasingly concerned about the safety of older drivers and…

Legislation & Regulation

UK drivers face a 230% increase in parking fees as councils expect to collect £1 billion

Analysis suggests UK drivers may have to endure increases of up to 230% from April, with many councils raising costs…

Road Safety

New ‘speed on green’ cameras – What they are and why they can land you a hefty fine

New ‘speed on green’ speeding cameras have come into force in areas of the UK. These cameras are being trialled…

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