Road Safety

The danger of unsecured loads – Highways England reminds drivers to check before setting off this summer

Shocking footage showing the moment a road worker is struck by metal on the motorway and images of items strewn across roads - Highways England is reminding drivers to make sure loads are safely secured.
Legislation & Regulation

Letter from DVSA Chief Executive to approved driving instructors about restarting driving instruction and tests

Dear colleague, I wrote to you on 22 April 2020 to set out the steps that the Driver and Vehicle Standards…


Majority of cars still bought from showrooms

Almost one in five drivers would buy without a test drive, rising to a third of 18 – 34yrs

Ten alternative fuels of the future

Driving pros from LeaseVan.co.uk have listed ten alternatives to petrol and diesel which might be used to power vehicles of…

Road Safety

Striking animal head imagery is used to challenge behaviours

Funded by Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe, the campaign builds upon the first phase of the outdoor campaign…

Road Safety

What to do when traffic lights fail

British drivers have been advised on what to do when traffic lights get stuck on red or break completely.

Drivers will cover 3.5 billion leisure miles over the holidays

Those motorists hitting the road will travel an average of 116.5 miles Over one in eight drivers have experienced a…

Road Safety

Road Safety Week 2019 launches

New research from the road safety charity Brake has revealed that nearly a third of adults were in a collision,…

Road Safety

Road safety must ‘return to the top of the political agenda’: IAM Roadsmart

Published on 6 November, the seven-point manifesto aims to ensure road safety and saving lives ‘returns to the top of the political…