Further work is required to make transport systems more accessible and support those with mental health difficulties

Mental health has become a major focus of attention in recent years and is at the heart of many recent…

Road Safety

Young drivers at increased risk of accidents as more spend time away from the road after passing test

New research released today reveals more than a quarter (28%) of young drivers believe they have had a road accident as a result of spending a significant time away from the wheel after passing their driving test.

Decade of data reveals easiest & hardest place to take your driving test in the UK

Marmalade has analysed 10 years of pass rate data from every driving test centre in the country to reveal the easiest and hardest places…


North East and Yorkshire ranked best regions for UK drivers

Study finds North East as having the lowest levels of traffic delays and shortest average commute Drivers in the South…

Road Safety

Slowdown in showers

The motoring experts at LeaseVan.co.uk have put together their nine top tips for driving in wet conditions during a summer shower.…

Government Investment

New life for disused A1 buildings

The site, in a layby off the A1 northbound at Sandy, had been used as a weighbridge by the Driver…

Road Safety

Vehicle defects cause 32 fatal crashes a year

Motoring experts from LeaseVan.co.uk have reminded drivers just how many crashes in Britain can be attributed to faulty cars or vans…


DIY distracting male drivers from the road ahead

DIY only thing, besides driving, male drivers think about more than female drivers Millennials most distracted by their own thoughts…


The most frustrating places to drive

Research from Moneybarn has revealed the most frustrating places to drive in England. The data has been collected in four…