Legislation & Regulation

DVSA update on trailer training

From the DVSA: Regulations have been laid in Parliament for the planned changes to the rules on driving licence acquisition…

Business Opportunities

Become a driving examiner

From the DVSA: We are extending the job application deadline for car driving examiner posts across Great Britain to give…


Changes to trailer towing delayed

New rules about towing a trailer or caravan with a car have been delayed. The changes were expected to take…

Teaching & Training

NASP and DVSA’s latest meeting

In attendance: NASP: Representatives from the three national ADI associations that make up NASP, those being ADINJC, DIA and MSA…

Teaching & Training

Better prepared learners

From the DVSA: Encouraging learner drivers to be better prepared for their test In preparation for our campaign aimed at…


Test centre waiting rooms

From the DVSA:   We want to give you an update on driving test waiting rooms. 12 waiting rooms remain…

Teaching & Training

Changes to trailer licensing

From the DVSA: We wrote to you previously to announce the government’s plans to help to tackle the shortage of…

Teaching & Training

Driver testing and industrial action

DVSA CEO letter to ADIs to update on progress of recovery and industrial action:   Dear colleague, I am writing…

Teaching & Training

Standards Check update

From the DVSA:   Prioritising standards checks Dear colleague, Recently we announced that we are changing the way we prioritise…