Road Safety

Scooting around the facts

E-scooters continue to rise in popularity. While the wild, wet and freezing weather of winter may curtail the two wheeled…

Road Safety

Road casualty figures

The Department for Transport (DfT) has released the confirmed official casualty figures for Britain’s roads. As preliminary figures suggested, there…

Road Safety

E-scooters need regulating

The Prime Minister has been sent a letter demanding urgent action on regulation of e-scooters. It has been signed by…

Road Safety

Paris public park up e-scooters

Residents in Paris have voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning rental e-scooters. The official vote came amid growing safety concerns,…

Road Safety

Riding rough shod over safety

The government needs to get on its bike and regulate e-scooters. This is the call from industry and road safety…

Road Safety

The positives and negatives of e-scooters

The DfT’s has published its long-awaited evaluation of the e-scooters trials. Their conclusion, that e-scooters could provide a real alternative…

Road Safety

The catastrophic results of poor e-scooter regulation

  A London coroner has called for  greater clarity and enforcement of regulations of private e-scooter use.The comments and warnings…

Road Safety

Sounding safety for e-scooters

While e-scooters have grown massively in popularity, so have the safety issues surrounding their use. Firstly, apart from the government…

Road Safety

E-scooter danger increasing

E-scooters remain largely unregulated and a road safety issue. The latest official statistics reveal that deaths involving e-scooter collisions have…

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