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Pandemic has caused almost 14 million UK drivers to change their car buying plans

Infection concerns, environmental issues and possible bargains making drivers more likely to change their vehicle

Electric car questions answered

Driving specialists from LeaseCar.uk have provided the insight in response to typical queries, to help Brits who are unsure if…

Technology & Innovation

Used electric cars appreciating in value, as demand increases

Popular electric cars have appreciated in value during 2019, bucking industry trends, according to new CarGurus research Renault Zoe is…

Technology & Innovation

Concerns raised about UK power cuts – how ready are we for electric vehicles?

Mark Sait, chief executive of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, recently warned that a potential surge in EV sales in the UK could lead…

Government Investment

Government doubles funding for on-street electric car charging

Transport Secretary announces extra £2.5 million for chargepoints on residential streets Extra funding means people who don’t have their own…

Legislation & Regulation

What will it take for the UK to reach net-zero emissions?

Yesterday, Theresa May announced the UK will be net-zero emissions by 2050. The UK is the first major economy to…


Barriers to choosing an electric car

Despite rhetoric and challenging climate change targets, practical measures are needed before mainstream motorists will be convinced to buy electric…


Electric car targets need to be hit sooner

The BBC has reported today that advisors will claim “the UK government’s plan to ban the sale of new petrol…