Short circuits

The official target for the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charge points at motorway services has been missed. Every motorway…


Bargains in the car lot

The last few years have proved a very difficult time for British car manufacturers. Covid, then and the part supply…


EV manufacturing reprieve

Both the government and the motor manufacturing industry is breathing a sigh of relief today. An eleventh-hour deal has been…


Charging up the economy

Government attitudes to and, support for, increasing EV sales has again come under scrutiny. The lack of incentivisation for private…


Government policy changes slow down EV conversion

  Following the government’s changes to the ban on petrol and diesel vehicle sales from 2030 to 2035, and the…


Plugging in to bargains

There have been plenty of headlines recently about the low down in the move to electric vehicles (EV). While the…


Pulling the plug

There seems to be a bit of a bump in the road when it comes to EVs (electric vehicles). While…


Can I have a go

You can now arrange a new car test drive without ever interacting with a member of staff. As we drive…


Priced out

Young drivers are being priced out of the electric vehicle (EV) market. That’s the view of Andrew Leach, managing director…

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