Comparing fill ups and charge ups

The true cost per mile is an increasingly important question for potential customers looking to invest in an electric vehicle…


EV buying incentives needed

The Government must step in with incentives for mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This is the conclusion of Auto…


EVs on the scales

Multi-storey car parks could collapsing due to the weight of electric vehicles (EVs). The warning comes from experts looking at…


Motorists looking to ownership alternatives

Nine million UK motorists might be ready to make the switch from car ownership to subscription. That’s the conclusion of…

Teaching & Training

Time to introduce official EV driving tests

Motoring experts have launched a new campaign for the DVSA to adapt driving lessons to suit electric vehicles (EVs). It…


Size matters

Green NCAP has released a new report into the environmental friendliness of different electric and hybrid cars. The results of…

Teaching & Training

Pupils powering up for and electric future

Learner drivers are showing the way ahead when it comes to the future on the roads. The drive to learning…


Demand for ICE cools EV momentum

In an interesting twist to the current fuelling momentum, one EV model has been cut in favour of the diesel…


Plugging in to change

Range anxiety remains a big issue for drivers of electric vehicles (EV). Fundamentally it now revolves around the charging infrastructure…

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