New fuel card from Intelligent Instructor

We know how much an instructor spends on fuel, that’s why Intelligent Instructor has teamed up a leader in this field

Only part of the solution

According to Zap Map, a quarter (25%) of electric vehicle owners also own or regularly drive a car with an…


Cars driving second income

Drivers are making their car ‘earn its keep’ as they battle against spiralling living costs. That’s the conclusion of a…


Car ownership unaffordable

New research finds that 78% of people believe car ownership is becoming unaffordable. The work by bad credit car finance…


The great slow down on the roads

Nearly half (48%) of UK adults say they are using less motor fuel than a year ago. Furthermore, 45% report…


Petrol highs

If you can actually fill your tank, chances are it will cost you more. As the fuel supply problems dominate…


Revealed: UK Drivers Saved Over £1 Billion on Fuel During Lockdown

43% of participants have said that lockdown has made them want to commute less, and majority want to use their time and fuel driving to ‘staycations’.

Green vehicles cheaper than petrol

Research shows that over the lifetime of a car electric vehicles work out at around £107 cheaper per year than petrol or diesel equivalents

UK one of cheapest places to run an electric vehicle, as CCC report pushes for greater uptake

The UK has been revealed to be amongst the cheapest places to run an electric vehicle in a new study from Uswitch

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