Highway Code

Teaching & Training

Theory test cheats

Reports of cheating in driving theory tests have tripled in the last year. Amid low pass rates and long waits…

Road Safety

Take the high road

Changes introduced in the Highway Code two years ago appear to be a cause for concern. The refined hierarchy of…

Road Safety

Highway ignorance

It’s nearly two years since the Highway Code went through significant changes to better protect vulnerable road users. A ‘hierarchy…

Road Safety

Too close to call

In the latest survey of driver bugbears, tailgating irritates drivers the most (29%). This is followed in second place by…

Legislation & Regulation

Breaking unknown laws

A study by Scrap Car Comparison reveals huge numbers of drivers are breaking UK road laws. However, many  have no…

Road Safety

Watch out for Smart Watch

Smart watches, in particular Apple’s Smart Watch might not be so smart behind the wheel. However useful and clever they…


Very annoying drivers

Most drivers will have experienced some form of frustration at others on the road. This can be hogging the middle…

Road Safety

Think again

The government is re-launching its road safety campaign tool to help improve road safety. It’s central theme reminds people to…

Technology & Innovation

Advertisement feature

app user

Are you looking for an effective and engaging tool to help your students learn the Official Highway Code?

The Official DVSA Highway Code app is an essential resource for all road users, and particularly for those preparing for…

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