IAM Roadsmart

Road Safety

Learning the lessons of smart motorways

Upgrade of smart motorways continues, but is it enough to make motorists feel safer? National Highways has published its annual…

Road Safety

Blowing your own horn

An estimated eight million motorists in the UK are running the risk of fines of £1,000 each for sounding their…

Legislation & Regulation

Highway Code causes concern

The new Highway Code could cause more problems than it solves. According to a new survey by IAM RoadSmart, almost…

Road Safety

Calls to cover new tech in driving tests

IAM RoadSmart is calling for the education of automated technology to be included in the UK driving test. They believe…

Road Safety

Call for cameras to catch more dodgy drivers

UK motorists support the use of safety camera technology to check for insurance, MOT and road tax offences. These are…

Road Safety

More drunk drivers

Drink drive figures remain ‘disappointing’. IAM RoadSmart believes the latest Department for Transport (DfT) figures reveal a decade of no…

Road Safety

Potholes are a dangerous mess

Potholes are a bigger safety issue than speeding or drink and drug driving. This is the conclusion of new research…

Road Safety

Dangerous cocktail

The majority of motorists are unaware of the amount of alcohol that will tip them over the limit. Meanwhile, half…

Teaching & Training

Alternative thinking about travel

Passing your driving test was once seen as a rite of passage for most youngsters. But with the number of…

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