More uninsured drivers

The number of motorists driving without insurance increased by 16% last year In 2020, close to 101,000 motorists were caught…

Business Opportunities

Advertisement feature

Boost your income level, powered by Marmalade Network

Marmalade Network has firmly established itself as a trusted affiliate scheme for driving instructors wishing to supplement their income.

Car insurance mapped out

Rivervale Leasing has compared 1,000 car insurance quotes to reveal postcode affects on prices. These are set against The Association…

Road Safety

Benefits of the black box

An insurance company’s black box has been hailed as life-saving technology. This comes after analysis revealed it is dramatically slowing…


Write-offs ride on

Around 15,000 “write-offs” are returning to UK roads undetected each year. It’s al happening because of an insurance loophole according…

Legislation & Regulation

Do minor offences matter?

  74% of Brits think ‘small car crimes’ excusable 24% believe that they should not be charged for breaking the…


Ensuring valid insurance

It’s illegal to drive a vehicle on a road or in a public place in the UK without at least…


A New Year Premium Present

  Prices are decreasing among all age groups and UK regions The average motor premium is now £816. A surprise…


Average UK car costs £192 a month to run

New research has revealed that the average UK car costs £192 a month (£2,300 a year) to run, with fuel accounting for nearly half of the total expenditure.