Avoiding the cost of insurance

  As the price of insurance cover for new young drivers continues to soar, more and more are looking to…


Uncomfortable driving position

New research from car insurance has revealed the significant financial strain parents are enduring to support their children. This…

Road Safety


Motorists could be unknowingly invalidating their car insurance. There are many concerns about misinformation on insurance policies, leaving motorists uninsured.…

Road Safety

Damaging driving zones

New research of official data has revealed the areas of the country where you are more likely to be involved…


Too expensive to drive

New research reveals that 15% of motorists are currently considering giving up driving. The survey carried put by The Green…


Priced out

Young drivers are being priced out of the electric vehicle (EV) market. That’s the view of Andrew Leach, managing director…


Quirky driving habits

If you steer clear of motorway cats’ eyes or get revved up shouting at other drivers, you’re not alone according…

Road Safety

What to do at a crash scene

Whether you have been involved in or witnessed a bump on the road or a catastrophic collision, car crashes can…


Advertisement feature

Car insurance

Covering up

Driving instructors now have an opportunity to get insurance cover designed specifically for them, their business and at an affordable…

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