One in four have damaged their car on a speedhump or pothole

Almost one in ten spent over £250 fixing damage Two fifths of those affected complained to council The Opinium research…


Two-thirds of cars are bought in cash

Over 55s most likely to buy car outright More than a quarter of UK drivers change their car every two…

Legislation & Regulation

Two-thirds of Drivers think new legislation is needed to deal with growth in cyclists

76% of drivers think cyclists ride too dangerously 85% think helmets should be a legal requirement 68% WANT PUSH BIKES…


Buying British made cars could help bolster UK car industry

From an Aston Martin to a Vauxhall Astra, which cars are made here?

98% of UK drivers say they love their cars this valentine’s day!

This Valentine’s Day, 98% of the UK’s drivers are spending it with something they love, even if this is a…