Road Safety

Don’t lose your cool: How to deal with road rage

Motorists who are on the receiving end of aggressive road rage have been offered eight ways to stay calm when behind the wheel.

Lockdown vehicle safety warning for drivers

Motorists have been warned to ensure their cars and vans stay roadworthy after a lengthy period of non-use

Vantastic: Road Bridges and Tunnels We’d Like to See

Britain’s van drivers would love to see a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland and a tunnel under the North Sea to Norway, according to experts

How to avoid autumnal road hazards

As temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter, drivers have been offered advice on how to avoid the dangers autumn can bring to UK roads.

Pre-MOT checks motorists should make

The motoring experts at have looked at the quick checks people can carry out at home to give their vehicle the best chance of getting through its MOT.

Drivers warned against windscreen damage

Motorists have been warned against the dangers of driving with a chipped and cracked windscreen.

Six ways to protect your paintwork

Motorists have been offered six tips on the best ways to protect vehicle paintwork from corrosion and fading