Road Safety

It takes the average Briton up to 6 months to drive on the motorway after passing their driving test

Britons who passed their test before lessons were allowed on the motorway, take an average of 6 months to drive on the motorway with a full driving licence.

Caught on camera – 10,000 tailgaters spotted in just two weeks

New cameras that detect tailgaters being tested by Highways England and the police with drivers sent letters highlighting the dangers
Road Safety

Highways England airs plan to protect workers with new inflatable barrier

An inflatable safety barrier that can be put up in a matter of minutes is to help protect road workers on Highways England’s road network.
Road Safety

Automated cone laying vehicle spotted on roads in new trial

Motorists have been able to snatch a first glimpse on the roads of a pioneering cone-laying vehicle that will eliminate the need for roadworkers to do the job from the back of a truck.

Four reasons behind the UK and European road differences

It’s been revealed that Ford’s The Model T car may be the reason that British and European drivers follow different road rules.
Road Safety

Over a third of UK drivers avoid driving on the motorways

Over a third (37%) of UK drivers avoid driving on motorways (men 29% and women 45%), over half (52%) avoid city centres and 50% avoid parallel parking and parking on a hill.
Road Safety

The danger of unsecured loads – Highways England reminds drivers to check before setting off this summer

Shocking footage showing the moment a road worker is struck by metal on the motorway and images of items strewn across roads - Highways England is reminding drivers to make sure loads are safely secured.

Highways England clocks up more cycle miles by pumping funding into North Somerset coastal scheme

Cyclists are set to finally enjoy the full benefits of a picturesque 24-mile coastal cycleway, thanks to Highways England.
Road Safety

Government set to revisit motorway speed limits?

According to the Telegraph, transport secretary Grant Shapps is exploring the idea of increasing the speed limit on motorways and…

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