Average UK car costs £192 a month to run

New research has revealed that the average UK car costs £192 a month (£2,300 a year) to run, with fuel accounting for nearly half of the total expenditure.

Drivers warned about the UK’s most obscure parking laws

British drivers are being warned to learn some of the country’s most obscure parking laws in order to avoid hefty fines.
Road Safety

Parents and disabled drivers blocked out by thoughtless parking

7.8 million parents and two million Blue Badge holders have been blocked from parking in designated bays by motorists that didn’t qualify to park there in the past year

Driver caution: 61 per cent increase in planning applications to install ANPR cameras in car parks

£1.07 billion of fines were handed out after drivers were caught by ANPR parking cameras in the last 12 months alone, with £2,030 generated every minute
Legislation & Regulation

Fine at the beach – Drivers warned to watch out as thousands of parking tickets are issued

Warning ahead of the bank holiday – more parking tickets issued by beachside councils during August than any other month
Road Safety

Over a third of UK drivers avoid driving on the motorways

Over a third (37%) of UK drivers avoid driving on motorways (men 29% and women 45%), over half (52%) avoid city centres and 50% avoid parallel parking and parking on a hill.

Vehicle safety warning amid lock down

Motorists have been warned to ensure their cars and vans stay roadworthy after a lengthy period of non-use

Brits spend 2.1 years of their lives in their cars

Whilst in the car, 33 hours a year is spent driving to and from the supermarket, 35 hours driving to…


Ten strangest UK parking laws

Researchers from have revealed some of the lesser known parking laws that apply in the UK and advised vehicle…

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