DIY distracting male drivers from the road ahead

DIY only thing, besides driving, male drivers think about more than female drivers Millennials most distracted by their own thoughts…

Legislation & Regulation

Penalty points for flouting seat belt law

Time for new road safety regulation – 72 per cent of the British public believe penalty points should be mandatory…

Technology & Innovation

UK drivers are reliant on technology

Parallel parking took the top spot for the hardest parking manoeuvre, with 42% of Brits saying it made them feel…


Drunk drivers: the good, the bad and the over fifties

1.6 million adults aged over 55 admit to drink driving A further 3.6 million over 55s say they have driven…

Teaching & Training

National study reveals that overprotective parents might be making their child’s driving worse

Leasing Options conducted an independent survey of 1,000 people across the UK to find out how parents really feel about…

Government Investment

The price of potholes – Motorists’ repair bill surpasses £1.2 billion

The cost of pothole damage rises 32% in 12 months 11 million drivers affected by potholes in past year Just…

Road Safety

A guide to the UK’s speed bumps

Motoring specialists have compiled a guide to recognising speed bumps and where they are most often found. An extremely…

Road Safety

New cars manufactured in Europe will save thousands of lives thanks to vehicle regulations approved by European Commission

Research by TRL enables ground-breaking changes to European safety regulations to future proof the car industry, placing Europe in the…

Government Investment

New research reveals the extent of the UK’s pothole crisis putting lives at risk

Efforts to encourage commuters to shun their cars in favour of bikes is putting lives at risk, with new research…

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