Road casualties

Road Safety

Drive fast, die young

Young male drivers and excessive risk-taking, followed by death and carnage; it’s all too familiar a story. For all the…

Road Safety

Tech confusion

There seems to be confusion with car owners about safety features in their vehicles. Applications such as lane-keeping assistance and…

Road Safety

Should the whole UK change to 20 instead of 30

Why not have your view on Wales’s move to default 20mph in restricted speed areas previously 30mph. This has been…

Road Safety

Levelling up the roads

Transport for London has published a new report examining how deprivation and demographics impact the risk of road casualties on…

Road Safety

City sprint

Another set of road safety data shows 20mph limits are a positive change. Collisions resulting in death or serious injury decreased…

Road Safety

The positives and negatives of e-scooters

The DfT’s has published its long-awaited evaluation of the e-scooters trials. Their conclusion, that e-scooters could provide a real alternative…

Road Safety

Assessing the real cost of e-scooters

New funding to look at e-scooter safety and casualties. The Road Safety Trust has provided funding to The Parliamentary Advisory Council for…

Road Safety

Crosstown traffic

Motorists who listen to music while driving could be disrupting the harmony on Britain’s roads, according to latest research. A…

Road Safety

Slow down, save lives

Spain’s Minister has announced a 20% cut in urban road casualties in just one year. In 2021, 417 people died…

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