Road casualties

Road Safety

Slow down, save lives

Spain’s Minister has announced a 20% cut in urban road casualties in just one year. In 2021, 417 people died…

Road Safety

Road casualties rising

Road casualty figures have returned to pre-pandemic levels. The Department for Transport has acknowledged that the pandemic lockdowns skewed the…

Road Safety

Road safety runs flat

The Government is being urged to do much more to drive down the number of death and injuries on Britain’s…


20 mph zone work

An academic survey backs calls for law enforcement of 20 mph zones. Researchers at  Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) found that…

Road Safety

US death toll signs increase road deaths

Electronic highway message boards in the US, which display traffic fatality numbers in a bid to reduce crashes, could be…

Road Safety

Latest road casualty figures “disappointing”

Following the release of the latest official estimated road casualty figures, the RAC is urging the Government to consider re-introducing…

Road Safety

Road casualty figures on the rise post pandemic

Provisional road casualty statistics for 2021 show a huge increase in incidents involving e-scooters on Britain’s roads. Overall deaths and…

Road Safety

Peace on our roads

RoadPeace are launching a national campaign this week to raise the profile of road safety. The idea is to get…

Road Safety

School children road risk

New analysis of road traffic accident data shows the heightened risk posed to young pedestrians on the UK’s roads. The…

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