Road Safety

20 mph limits “ridiculous” states Rees-Mogg

  Brexit opportunities and government efficiency minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has branded 20 mph speed limits “ridiculous”.  He believes that they…


RoSPA opens for socially-distanced in-person training

RoSPA has reopened the doors of its health and safety training centre, ensuring that face-to-face training can be delivered safely for everyone.

COVID-19 Back-to-Work Review to help reopen workplaces, public spaces and schools

A COVID-19 Back-to-Work Review has been developed by RoSPA to help workplaces, public spaces and schools resume their operations while keeping their employees, customers and children safe.
Road Safety

Family safety charity welcomes Baroness Jolly as President

She was elected to the position at the family safety charity’s annual general meeting in Birmingham today (November 15) and…

Road Safety

New partnership sees health and safety knowledge centre opened to RoSPA members

The partnership means that RoSPA membership has now evolved to include the RoSPA Online Health and Safety Knowledge Centre, provided…