Belt up

According to many road safety professionals, seatbelts remain the most crucial step in keeping motorists safe. The fact is they…

Road Safety

Road casualty figures

The Department for Transport (DfT) has released the confirmed official casualty figures for Britain’s roads. As preliminary figures suggested, there…

Technology & Innovation

Automatic prosecution

AI technology is working well at catching dangerous drivers. New cameras aimed at catching drivers using their mobile phone behind…

Road Safety

Belt up and listen

Detecting drivers committing mobile phone and seatbelt offences is receiving another boost. Following successful trials, and their ongoing use in…

Road Safety

Belt up!

The compulsory wearing of seatbelts in the UK is celebrating 40 year landmark. The law came into force on the…

Road Safety

Belt up or fine and points

Motorists not wearing a seatbelt could soon face points on their licence. The Government is considering introducing the penalty points…

Road Safety

Police deploy new tech to catch dangerous drivers

The police are trialling new roadside cameras to catch drivers using their mobile phone behind the wheel. The technology can…

Road Safety

Clunky clicks

Are existing penalties for seatbelt use effective enough? This is the question being raised on the back o f new…

Road Safety

Clunky clicking

There’s a ‘stark contrast’ between younger and older drivers who always wear a seat belt. This is the conclusion of…

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