Smart Motorways

Road Safety

Failure of smart technology

Despite repeated government assurances and substantial new investments, the safety of ‘smart’ motorways continues to be a recurring issue, raising…

Road Safety

Highway to safety

National Highways is set to miss road safety targets. The warning comes in he latest annual report from the Office…

Road Safety

Trying to get clever

National Highways has stated that progress on smart motorway safety work continues. Eleven more sections of motorway will be upgraded…

Road Safety

Clever conclusion to smart motorway debate?

Smart motorways, already on the hard shoulder, now look to be towed off to the scrapyard. According to rumours, it…

Road Safety

National Highways smarting over software failure

Smart motorways crash in software meltdown according to Fleet News. This has led to a rapid response by National Highways…

Road Safety

The red cross code

Another campaign has been launched to remind drivers not to ignore the red X sign. Emergency services and National Highways…

Road Safety

Smart motorway tech struggling

Whilst National Highways staff strikes are already worrying road safety experts, this is compounded by a new report stating significant…

Road Safety

CLODs ruling the motorways

Half of drivers (49%) avoid using lane one on ‘all lane running’ smart motorways. This defeats the point of increased carriageway…

Road Safety

Multi-lane road safety

What type of multi-lane roads are the safest? It’s an interesting question considering the headlines and column space taken up…

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