Road Safety

Driving standards falling

Drivers believe driving standards are falling. A new poll has found that more than half of drivers admit they’ve tailgated…

Road Safety

Walking the school run

Encouraging more walking to school is being hampered by speeding drivers. Research has found that ‘unsafe driving speeds’ are preventing…

Road Safety

Criminal driving rises

  The latest official figures from the Home Office reveal increases in both speeding drivers and mobile phone use behind…

Road Safety

Don’t push it

Inappropriate speed kills, and that is the message at the heart of  the new THINK! campaign. The problem is particular…

Road Safety

Slow understanding of speed

Is the introduction of 20mph zones popular? It would seem from the headline over previous months that they are not.…

Road Safety

Speeds rising

Road deaths and serious injuries caused by driver speed rose significantly last year. This is the conclusion of analysis of…

Road Safety

Talking speed

A common sense approach to speed limits is vital, says leading national breakdown provider Start Rescue as Road Safety Week…

Road Safety

Don’t get the hump

The’ big four o’ has long been a milestone in our lives. However, we may not be in particular celebratory…

Road Safety

No exception to speeding

It’s time to cut out the loophole of ‘exceptional hardship’ for those avoiding a driving ban. That’s the view of…

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