A third of drivers would challenge a thief taking their car

Over one in three (35%) UK drivers would challenge a thief trying to take their car (men 43% and women 27%).

One in three have written off a car

Drivers in East of England (37%) are more likely than any other UK region to have written a car off, followed by Northern Ireland (33%) and the North West (32%).

Intelligent Instructor survey

Like many driving instructors we're looking forward to the industry getting back up and running, but we want to hear from you

57% of drivers are still too daunted to buy an electric car

The top ten factors that would make drivers buy and electric car
Road Safety

Survey highlights ‘shocking extent’ of mobile phone problem

The survey, carried out by Brake in partnership with Direct Line, suggests 3% of drivers used a hand-held mobile on…

Road Safety

RAC needs practitioners for road safety survey

The RAC Foundation is working with a range of road safety stakeholders on research to establish the effectiveness of road…


98% of UK drivers say they love their cars this valentine’s day!

This Valentine’s Day, 98% of the UK’s drivers are spending it with something they love, even if this is a…


At least 100,000 number plates stolen since 2015

A fifth say that if they were missing only one number plate they would assume it had fallen off but it only takes one plate to change the identity of a vehicle
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