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It’s snow joke: 1 in 6 risk car theft while they defrost their car

On average, almost 1 in 6 people risk their car being stolen by leaving the engine running while they defrost…


August 2019 fuel prices

Unleaded prices have risen 0.8p, from 128.4 p/litre last month to 129.2 p/litre now Diesel prices have risen 0.6p from 131.4…


AA fuel report – June 2019 prices

Unleaded prices have dropped 0.4p from 128.8 p/litre to 128.4 p/litre. Diesel prices have fallen 1.9p from 134.3 p/litre to…


Barriers to choosing an electric car

Despite rhetoric and challenging climate change targets, practical measures are needed before mainstream motorists will be convinced to buy electric…


At least 100,000 number plates stolen since 2015

A fifth say that if they were missing only one number plate they would assume it had fallen off but it only takes one plate to change the identity of a vehicle

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours the number 1 album to listen to when driving

It raises the question of whether music helps focus attention or adds a distraction element to driving

Fuel price rises for the eleventh consecutive week

Have you factored that increase in costs into higher lesson prices?

Waistlines of cars now under the spotlight

Are wider cars more practical, creating more space or are we going through a phase of design preference?
Legislation & Regulation

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds

A new study from the AA, has suggested that Police should be given new powers to seize and destroy a driver's phone