The Highway Code

Teaching & Training

Theory test cheats

Reports of cheating in driving theory tests have tripled in the last year. Amid low pass rates and long waits…

Road Safety

Understanding basic rules

CLODs are in the sights of National Highways and the police. A new campaign is targeting centre-lane only drivers, as…

Road Safety

Four legs, four wheels

The inability for motorists to pass horses on the road safely remains a big issue. Thousands of reported injuries has…

Legislation & Regulation

Helping teach the new Highway Code

More help is now available to help drivers understand the changes to the Highway Code. THINK! has added a series…

Road Safety

Two seconds to safety

Drivers have been warned against the dangers of tailgating. This comes amid concerns that huge numbers of motorists are failing…

Teaching & Training

Drivers fear the theory test

One in ten drivers are not confident they’d pass theory test now. The revelation comes come from an AA poll…

Road Safety

Spotlight on headlights

The correct tyre pressure and the accurate angle needed for parallel parking are often things we have to relearn after…

Road Safety

Updates to the Highway Code

The Highway Code is a fountain of knowledge, and should be revered by all road users. However, every day is…

Teaching & Training

The Highway Code: A Brief History

Today is World Book Day, so we thought we would celebrate by taking a brief look back at The Highway…

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