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Important update – The ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo – South has been postponed until 19th July 2020

However, as the news has been progressing, we have listened to the concerns from all parties, around running the show…

Government Investment

Update on plug-in vehicle grants following the new budget

The Government will provide £403 million for the plug-in car grant (PICG), extending it to 2022-23 Recognising that the market…

Government Investment

Transport Committee to focus on young drivers

Following the first meeting of the Transport Select Committee, the Chair, Huw Merriman MP, outlined the priorities for the Committee’s…


Existing and potential government interventions to reduce CO2 transport emissions

A shift from the existing grade (E5) to E10 would see the percentage proportion of bioethanol doubled to levels currently…

Government Investment

Government to improve road journeys across the country with £93 million investment

32 local authorities awarded share of £93.4 million to repair roads and bridges A further £900,000 will fund scientists, innovators,…

Government Investment

Progress on accessibility as campaign launches to improve disabled passengers’ journeys

Campaign launches to improve journeys for disabled people when using public transport Operators urged to sign up to the Inclusive…

Road Safety

Survey highlights ‘shocking extent’ of mobile phone problem

The survey, carried out by Brake in partnership with Direct Line, suggests 3% of drivers used a hand-held mobile on…

Government Investment

Scotland-Northern Ireland bridge “a very interesting idea”

Boris Johnson has previously described the bridge as a “very interesting idea”, while Ireland’s premier Leo Varadkar has said it…


What does the 2035 petrol and diesel ban mean for Britain’s drivers?

However, the change of heart has triggered some important questions, especially from owners of hybrid cars that have been included…

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