Each year FBTC conducts an independent and authoritative analysis on the health of the UK Driver Training sector and publish a report on Instructor’s workload, earnings and job satisfaction, looking at regional variations and the differences between Franchised and Independent Instructors. You can see last year’s survey results here.

We’d really appreciate if you would give a few minutes of your time to take part in this year’s survey.

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You can complete the survey on a totally anonymous basis and the results will only be analysed on an aggregated basis. However, if you’d like to be entered into the draw to win the £100 Amazon voucher then you’ll be asked to enter your email address at the end of the questionnaire.

About FBTC-The UK’s leading provider of Accountancy Services to the UK Driver Training Industry

FBTC Accountancy Services provides accountancy service and support to more than 2,000 ADI’s and have more than 20 years of specialist expertise:

-They compile your annual accounts and tax returns

-Handle all communications with HMRC

-Provide business planning advice, mortgage and loan references

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