Mike is Senior Trainer at DRIVE,  and helps PDIs and ADIs maximise their potential as driving instructors, pressing home the importance of self-development and reflection, to help you be the very best that you can be.

Mike Fowler


In this online session, Mike will help you demystify the competencies of the Part 3 and SC marking forms, allowing you to truly understand the linked theme of the marking sheet and how a good session easily scores highly against these competencies.


Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

1. Understand the Key items DVSA look for during a lesson.

2. Find which competencies are impossible to score highly on, if other competencies are missed.

3. Discover what DVSA really mean by “Risk Management”

4. Understand how the competencies wrap around your session, rather than your session fitting the competencies.

5. Ensure you can perform to the DVSA’s standards on every lesson you deliver, rather than just for the test.


Date/Time:   Online (Zoom), Thursday, 20th June’24, from 6-8pm

Early bird rates (available until 14th June):

£25 for members of ADINJC, ii+ or ADI Network . £30 for standard tickets.

(Usual price £30 for members of ADINJC, ii+ or ADI Network . £36 for standard tickets).

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