It’s almost that time again and it hardly seems like a 12 months since the last brilliant event.

This is the biggest and best industry conference and all it needs is you!

Fantastically free

An exceptional line up of speakers, specialists, service providers and traders are waiting.

There will be entertainment and amusement, networking and socialising. This is the one event in the driver trainer calendar that really matters and makes a difference.

Putting you on top

As we work through unprecedented levels of demand for lessons, we are also facing frustrating test waiting times. As we enjoy better earnings and full diaries, we are also up against rising fuel prices and a cost of living crisis. It can seem as though everything is happening at once in a crazy whirl. Sometimes it seems difficult to actually see the road ahead or map out a route.

Luckily the industry Expo is here, and help us at hand.

A fantastic line up of educationalists, award winning specialists, industry experts and plenty of friendly faces will b on hand to offer you the advice, support and training to keep you up to speed and on top of your game.

Four dedicated seminar areas will be in operation, each with a full programme of expert speakers delivering insightful presentations and workshops aimed at helping you as an instructor. From running your business more efficiently to opening your eyes to new ways of doing things. The very best driver trainers in the industry and dedicated experts in their field will help you with every area of your professional life.

All workshops are FREE, simply turn up and turn on with an open mind and prepare to be enthused.

On the bill

Here are just a few of the names on the bill…

Loveday Ryder, CEO, DVSA will be our headline speaker including a specially extended Q&A session.

Quentin Wilson

Quentin Willson, one of the UK’s best-known motoring faces, think Top Gear, The Car’s The Star, Fifth Gear, Britain’s Worst Driver format and The Classic Car Show. Talking technology and our industry with a Q&A session too.


Ray Seagrave

Ray Seagrave, an industry award-winning trainer and public speaker. A grade ‘A’ (51/51) ORDIT Instructor trainer and grade ‘A’ ADI. He shares his passion for our work and developing client-centred teaching and coaching skills.

Dan Hill

Dan Hill, Business development specialist, founder of the award-winning MyDriveTime. He’s talking business, understanding your role and making the most of the tools available.


Francis Noakes

Francis Noakes, Driving instructor and content creator with a passion for putting the fun into learning and teaching as many people as possible through social media streams. Grow your brand and business just using your smart phone.

David crundall

Prof David Crundall, Professor of Psychology at Nottingham Trent Uni,  looks at risk and potential risks of your pupils.


Andrew drewary

Andrew Drewary, collison investigator and road safety consultant explores the analysis behind the ‘Fatal 4’. Why ADIs need to incorporate this into their learning programmes.

Image Phil Hirst

Phil Hirst, highly successful and experienced instructor trainer and ADI of over 30 years, provides an overview of a profession with unlimited possibilities!

Lisa Dorn

Dr Lisa Dorn, Professor of Driver Behaviour at Cranfield Uni,  looks to a future of increasingly automated motoring and how to train drivers to cope safely.

Benjamin Ryan, hypnotherapist, specialising in learner drivers, explains how to hack the mental game of passing a test.

Nicky Harris

Nicky Harris, the Face Whisperer and multi car driving school owner, looks ate what we are saying without saying it.

Dr Graham Cox, physiologist, health researcher, inventor, and author, provides top tips on healthier and safer driving.



The full list of speakers, traders, experts and friends that will be there is even longer.

There will even be EVs to try, and not just the giant scalextric set. Freebies, coffees, food and more.

All you have to do is register completely free, and turn up in the Heart of England Conference Centre. That’s just outside Coventry, the middle of the country, but you’ll come back on top of the world.

Inflation free, immune from the cost of living crisis, no leadership election in sight and only your profit in mind.


Sign up here.