TRL is championing the journey towards a safe future of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs). The renowned research group says that to truly advance driverless cars and promote trust with the public – a consistent standard that promotes best practice should be applied at all testbeds.

Developing the safety case for the majority of CAV testing in the UK, TRL authored the recent report from Zenzic, Safety Case Framework, that sets out high level safety requirements for use across the UK Testbed ecosystem.

Self-driving technology is still in its infancy and ensuring safety is approached consistently across all testing is vital and will help improve trust and ensure technology is fully proven and safe to integrate into the public road network.

Although regulations for driverless technology must evolve at a rapid pace to keep pace with advancing technology, it is crucial that safety is at the core of any advancement.

TRL is calling for a greater level of cooperation and higher levels of data sharing to coordinate safe designs across the industry.

You can view the full report on this here.