Research from Moneybarn has revealed the most frustrating places to drive in England. The data has been collected in four popular driving annoyances; speed cameras, potholes, slow traffic and delays to crown the most frustrating place to drive.

No surprises that Greater London topped the rankings as the most frustrating place to drive, scoring scoring a whopping 8.63 in the overall frustration rank, and 10 in the slow traffic and delays categories.

For speed cameras Greater London scored 5.83 compared with Essex who scored 7.12, having a total of 196 reported speed cameras!

East Sussex takes the crown for pothole annoyances, scoring a massive 10! This is due to the 7245 reported potholes in the area.

It’s not all bad news however, as East Riding of Yorkshire came out as the calmest place to drive scoring 0 for slow traffic and delays, with average delays on local A roads being around 17.7┬áseconds. This compares to West Yorkshire which scored 5.07 for overall frustration.

To find out where your area ranks, visit Moneybarn here.