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Planning for a SC should be ongoing and not just for when we get an invitation to attend. This session will help you plan ahead and prioritise the important issues to become successful. It will help you feel confident about how to plan and able to cope with your SC. Many ADIs I help with training are confused where to start to plan and confusion can lead to negative thoughts and outcomes. I’ve learnt so much from all the ADIs I’ve helped to gain the success they want that I’m happy to share the top tips from my many experiences.

Lynne Barrie

Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

1.Feeling more confident about your SC

2.Understanding how to approach it and stay positive

3.Learn the top 5 items you need to have under control

4.You will be able to plan ahead and get the result you want to achieve

5.Understand the potential barriers that hold ADIs back on a SC

6-8pm, Tuesday, 16th March

Price: £30+VAT

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