Ron Dearing UTC is paying for up to 20 hours of lessons for eligible sixth form pupils and is believed to be the only programme of its kind by a UK school.

The driving lessons programme is being funded by the school’s employer sponsors and is aimed at increasing students’ employability, consistent with the school’s commitment to enable its students to get the edge in the competition for jobs.

The programme, which is being run in partnership with Hull-based Elite Driving School, is also aimed at ensuring students whose parents cannot afford to pay for, or contribute, to driving lessons are not placed at a disadvantage.

The bursary scheme will cost a maximum of up to £30,000 a year.

All final year students aged 17 or 18 who have 95 per cent or higher attendance, are on track with their studies and pass a driving theory test are eligible to apply for a bursary to pay for up to 20 hours of driving lessons.

Should more schools take this approach if budget can be found to accomdate? It would no doubt put more emphasis on road safety and awareness in young people.

Credit for this story to HullLive