More manufacturer woes as over 1 million hybrid cars are recalled due to safety concerns.

How many UK cars are impacted?

A Toyota UK spokesman told Sky News a total of 32,393 UK-registered vehicles are affected by the recall.

So what’s causing the fuss?

The issue is surrounding the engine wire harness, which is connected to the hybrid vehicle power control unit. There is a section of wire, which is unprotected and could rub against the control unit, causing a short circuit and potential fire risk.

This is the second hybrid recall in as many months after the recent issue highlighted with VW vehicles’ charging cables.

The company said Toyota retailers will check the engine wire harness assembly.

“If no damage is found, a protector will be installed over this. If damage is found, the assembly will be replaced with a new one that includes a protector at no cost.”

The carmaker said it will provide inspections and repair programme free of charge to customers.

“In accordance with DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) guidelines and code of practice, vehicle owners will be contacted by Toyota within the coming weeks by post or telephone and asked to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Toyota retailer.

“Customers [in the UK] can check if their vehicle is affected using the registration number look-up function on,” the company said.

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