With over three decades of experience in guiding individuals towards their goals, both within and beyond the industry, Ray stands as a renowned industry trainer. He is a DVSA Grade ‘A’, excelling since the commencement of the Standards Check. As a Grade ‘A’ (51/51) DVSA ORDIT registered instructor trainer, Ray is highly regarded as an excellent trainer by ADI’s from all over the country. Accredited as a Coach and Mentor by the International Authority for Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M), he conducts nationwide ADI training courses, workshops, and speaks at industry events across the country. Specializing in DVSA National Driver and Rider standards, Ray empowers driving instructors with effective in-car coaching and teaching techniques. His training courses and mentoring sessions consistently earn exceptional reviews, covering areas such as Standards Check and Part 3 success, Grade ‘A’ training for Lesson Planning, Risk Management, Teaching, Learning Strategies, and the essential coaching and teaching skills for success.

“Beyond the Basics” is a dynamic 2-hour masterclass designed for PDIs and ADIs, focusing on
implementing advanced risk management techniques to meet and exceed national driving standards in every lesson. This session offers a deep dive into the national driver and rider standards, particularly highlighting the crucial aspect of risk management.

The masterclass begins with an exploration of the core principles of risk identification and mitigation as outlined in the national standards. Participants will engage in interactive discussions on integrating these principles into their teaching methodology, ensuring that pupils not only understand risks but also develop the competency to handle them effectively.
The session further underscores the significance of cultivating a risk-aware mindset in pupils, guiding them to adopt safe driving attitudes and behaviours. It also outlines effective strategies for instructors to encourage proactive risk management thinking among learners. This approach not only enhances the safety aspect of driving lessons but also instils a lifelong skill in learners.

Additionally, this session discusses effective lesson structure and coaching conversation skills that deliver the parts of the national standards assessed on a Part 3 or Standards Check assessment.

Participants will leave equipped with new insights to elevate their teaching practice, ensuring that every lesson delivered aligns with the highest standards of risk management around the national driver and rider standards.

Five take outs you will get from this session:

1) In-Depth understanding of national standards in Risk Management

2) Integration of Risk Management into teaching methodologies

3) Development of a Risk-Aware Culture Among Pupils

4) Enhanced coaching and conversation skills

5) Preparation for Part 3 and Standards Check assessments

Date/Time: 6pm-8pm, Tuesday, 20th February

£30 for ADINJC, ii+ or ADI Network members. £36 for standard tickets.

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