• There are 39,710 registered driving instructors in the UK
  • There are 34 million UK driving license holders

According to government data, there were 3,339 new driving instructors in 2017/18, bringing the total number of UK registered driving instructors to a huge 39,710.  The number of license holders has also grown, in 2003 there were 28 million UK driving license holders, fast forward to 2018 and there are now an estimated 34 million people who are able to drive in the UK.

To identify the most popular driving school names, Esme started off with a list of 1,757 registered driving school businesses in the UK.

1st Gear came in top with 25 businesses sharing the name, followed by Learn 2 Drive with 24, 1st Choice with 24 and Fast Pass with 17.

A study that looked at the relationship between branding and consumers, suggests that brand names that include the service or product the business offers, has more of a positive effect on the consumer. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why many businesses choose popular names that have often been used before.

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