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The scheme is launching in time for the infamous ‘winter accident period’, which starts this month and is notoriously dangerous due to the changing of the clocks, reduced daylight hours, drops in temperatures and adverse weather conditions such as fog and heavy rain or hail. Indeed, in 2016, 7,327 people were injured or killed on the roads due to bad weather.[1]

In poor driving conditions, an up-to-date, high quality Dash Cam is essential in order to capture key elements in an incident and to prove non fault status, where older, low quality dash cams may fail to be able to. Current Dash Cam owners can trade in an old model of any condition and brand in Halfords stores across the country and receive a 20% discount off a new Nextbase product from a range that includes Which? magazine’s four top rated Dash Cams. This amnesty programme, which runs from 4 – 31October 2018, aims to provide drivers with increased protection on the roads by offering the highest quality Dash Cams to British motorists.

For example, the entry level Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam will be just £79 during the amnesty period; the top-of-the-range 612GW 4K Dash Cam, which typically retails for £249.99, will be £199 for the most advanced Dash Cam on the market today.

The latest Nextbase Dash Cams offer HD-quality footage, enhanced night vision, and precise GPS, a vast improvement over many models produced in previous years and are now capable of producing high quality video in extreme conditions, including fog, rain, snow and intensive sun.

Richard Browning, director at Nextbase, commented, “We are committed to providing drivers with the best protection possible by developing Dash Cams which capture incidents clearly. It is now commonplace for motorists to use footage as proof that they weren’t at fault during incidents, but that footage needs to be of sufficient quality to fully protect the driver. As the nights draw in and weather conditions deteriorate quickly, it’s likely that a low quality or older dash cam may not be offering the driver the protection they believe it is, by not providing clear enough footage to prove innocence in an incident. This Amnesty is aimed at providing drivers with the opportunity to upgrade their substandard Dash Cams at discount to a product that can – therefore providing peace of mind when out on the roads this winter.”

Heather Yates, Halfords’ car technology expert added, “We’re encouraging drivers to do everything they can to prepare for the darker nights and make sure they and their vehicles are ready for the clocks going back. Poor lighting and weather conditions can make driving a hazard at this time of year, so it’s important that you’re driving with a Dash Cam that has great night vision and crystal clear image quality. We would encourage anyone shopping at Halfords to take advantage of this offer, as it will help keep our roads safer and means drivers can access the latest award-winning Nextbase models at a great price.”

The latest Nextbase Dash Cam models are built with a range of innovative features including GPS positioning, HD recording, polarising lenses and inbuilt WIFI, many of which are not in older models offered by other brands.  Vast numbers of sub-standard products exist on the roads that don’t include these features, offering little protection to the driver, due to the poor quality of footage and other inadequacies.

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