I’m sure we’re all aware of the ongoing negotiations between UK government and the EU, negotiating our exit from the European Union.

It’s a complicated one, but what would a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit mean for drivers in the UK who want to drive on the continent?

Well today we’ve heard that a ‘No-Deal’ would almost certainly mean that UK Driving Licence holders wouldn’t be able to legally drive in Europe.

Our presumption is that this would be the case vice versa also.

Does that mean we’d see a rise in provisional licence applications and people in the market for lessons?

Or would most of these potential customers be heading back to their country of origin?

There’s no doubt that across the board, more questions remain in the ‘unanswered’ column, and we wait with interest to see what impact Brexit with a deal or not would have on our industry.

Who knows what the next few months have in store for us, but one things for certain, the hard deadline of March 2019 is looming large.