From the DVSA:

We want to gain a better understanding of the reasons why people cancel, change or do not attend their car driving test.

Understanding why people are cancelling or changing their test will help us plan our resources better to make sure those who are ready are able to get a test appointment earlier, and those who are not are delaying their test.

Cancelled tests

From April 2021 to March 2022, 66,178 learner drivers did not turn up for their driving test. In March 2022 alone 8,189 appointments were lost because people did not turn up on the day which could have been used by other people.

Driving test waiting times continue to be high and we want to reduce the number of lost tests to make sure that every test counts. By better understanding the reasons why people do not present for their tests, we will be able to explore if there’s more we can do to help reduce the number of lost tests.

Gathering insight

We plan to carry out mini surveys with people who have recently changed, cancelled or did not attend a car driving test.

If you or your pupils have recently cancelled, changed or did not attend a car driving test you may receive one of the surveys.

The surveys ask why the test has been changed, cancelled or why they did not attend and what influenced their decision.

The surveys only take a couple minutes to answer, so if your pupils are invited to take part, please encourage them to do so.

If you receive either survey and know the reasons why the test was changed, cancelled or they did not attend please complete it. If not talk to your pupil and complete it together.

We really need your help and support.