The battle of the sexes has been reignited after a recent study has shown men are much more likely to be in hot water over their driving habits.

585,000 drivers in England and Wales were taken to court for breaking the law on the road in 2017, of which 79 per cent were men.

Men were found to outnumber women five to one when it came to drink-driving offences, and two to one for driving without tax or insurance.

However the big area of separation was speeding, with 23% of all cases found to be Men speeding!

Are men more prone to taking these risks and more likely to be in a rush? Or are women better drivers in general and more considerate of other road users? Of course you can’t tar everyone with the same brush, but this research, shows a clear gulf in attitudes towards road safety.

It’s certainly an eye opener and something to monitor moving forward.

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You can read the full story on the Guardian website – here