Gen Z and Millennials are Britain’s most conscientious Drivers.

The surprising truth about UK drivers is revealed through the results of survey by Rooster Insurance.

Britain’s youngest drivers, Gen Z and millennials, are found to be most humble behind the wheel. Not only that, but they show the most awareness and greatest commitment to driving education too.

Youthful wisdom

Gen Z, aged 18-24 years, and millennials, aged 25-34 years, are significantly more aware of what can affect how well they drive compared to the older groups polled.

The survey questioned 1,000 UK motorists spanning 18 year-olds to over 65 years.

A staggering 92% of Gen Z drivers seem to be very aware of what can affect how well they drive. Adverse weather (50%), busy roads (40%), complex one-way systems (34%) and complex roundabouts (33%) topped the list for Gen Z drivers.

At 89%, Millennial drivers, are the second most aware driving group when it comes to what can affect their abilities to drive.

The least humble age group is that of the 55-64 year olds. More than a third (34%) say that nothing can negatively affect how well they drive.

Reading the road

In addition, the research found that more than a quarter (26%) of drivers refresh their knowledge of the Highway Code each year. This increases to 52% when solely looking at the Gen Z drivers.

Surprisingly, a third (33%) of drivers aged 45-54 years feel they don’t need to re-read or read new Highway Code rules. They stated that they regard them as ‘common sense’.

Danger of complacency

Richard Tucker, founder at Rooster Insurance, comments: “It’s all too easy to become a complacent driver as we gain more miles on the clock and trips around the UK. However, this is a dangerous trap for the more mature and experienced driver to fall into, becoming more and more unaware of potential driving dangers on the UK roads. It’s great to see the nation’s youngest drivers on the road self-imposing measures to stay informed and remain safe while they’re driving.

“Learning how to be a safe driver shouldn’t stop the moment you pass your test; it should be an ongoing awareness and education throughout your driving life.”


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