Skoda has developed a new app that can warn drivers if they are driving on the wrong side of the road.

The ‘Traffication app’ can be downloaded onto the infotainment system of compatible vehicles.

Wrong time, wrong place

Surveying drivers, Skoda found that more than a quarter admitted to having driven a road in the wrong direction at least once. Of those, 15% owned up to repeating the error multiple times.

Nearly half of the respondents (41%) said that they knew someone who had mistakenly done so. Meanwhile, 65% had witnessed another driver doing it.

Instances of driving the wrong-way were recorded across a wide variety of the UK’s roads. Almost one fifth of motorists experienced the threat on a dual-carriageway and 11% on motorways.

Looking forward

Developed in collaboration with Bosch, the new Traffication app provides early alerts for drivers of their own potential mistakes.

The new application can also draw driver’s attention to dangers which are already developing ahead. These can include a vehicle with its hazard lights on, congestion, lane and road closures etc.