Speed of Sight charity founder, Mike Newman, has been awarded a British Empire Medal as part of the New Year’s Honours list.

Passion and persistence

Mike is an inspiring character in the motoring world and has often attended our industry conferences. Having been born totally blind, but with a passion for cars, it was soon an ambition to become a racing driver.

‘Super Human, Mike Newman’ faced a huge number of challenges in his quest, not least the fact that no blind person in history had raced cars. But disabled doesn’t mean he’s unable to Mike.

He worked tirelessly to live his dream and, through grit and determination he got behind the wheel.

Sharing the love

Fast-forward and Mike is a nine times World Record holder and currently the fastest blind man on both land and water on the planet.

Knowing the challenges blind and disabled people face, coupled with his love and exhilaration for driving, he set up Speed of Sight to help other disabled people experience driving.

What’s more, they provide activities such as corporate days where staff and/or clients are blindfolded. This way they can share the experience, the fun and the sense of achievement it provides to the blind who drive. It also increases awareness of difficulties faced by disability while encouraging essential team building skills, such as trust and communication.

Record holder

His personal achievements include:

2001 – Motorbike speed record: 89mph on an Aprilia bike

2003 – Car land speed record: 144mph in a Jaguar XJR

2005 – Car land speed record: 176mph in a BMW M5

2011 – Aerial record flying the most loop-de-loops

2013 – Car land speed record: 186mph in a Porsche GT2

2013 – Water speed record: 93mph in a Silverline Racing Boat

2014 – Car land speed record: 200mph in a Nissan GTR

2015 – Truck land speed record: 120mph in a Man Racing Truck

2017 - Water speed record: 102mph in a Silverline Racing Boat.

Speed of sight

If you would like to know more about this worthy charity, or to make a donation, or possibly get involved,  just pop over to the Speed of Sight website.